About us

Purple is the color of royalty: a mix of blue and red. PurpleDip is a boutique online store showcasing handcrafted lifestyle goods inspired by the royal traditions of India.


We design and craft unique items for the afficionados of Indian crafts that fit well as gifts or as home decor. Our wide exposure to international markets has made us sensitive to global tastes and highest levels of quality benchmarks. 


Growing rapidly since inception, Purpledip today supplies to one of the world's biggest promoter of Arts and Crafts, a big US Retailer, and many leading home decor stores in US, Europe, Singapore as well as to stores across India. Apart from that, Purpledip services online orders across the globe and also manages bulk gifting orders for weddings, corporates and festive occassions.


Our patrons love producs from Purpledip as unique and memorable pieces of craftsmanship. The unqiue range and smooth experience of transacting with us makes it a delight to shop at Purpledip.


For your bulk gifting needs, please get in touch with Purpledip if you want to consider options beyond the usual gifting routine of flowers/chocolates/pens/pen drives/mugs etc. Not only can you avail of attractive discounts on bulk orders, but your recepients will also be presented with the unique craft story behind every gift. Purpledip acts as one stop gifting solution for many of our large customers and executed their entire operations. Partner with us for a unique gifting experience