Question:  Why is the site named Purpledip?
Answer:  Purple is the color of royalty: a mix of blue & red. Our products are inspired by Indian royal tastes & traditions & hence the name Purpledip. We believe that “ Everyone can benefit with a few royal flourishes and some classy accents”.

Question:  Why should I shop from you?
Answer:  Most of the products showcased here are unique & difficult to locate. These are meticulously handcrafted products & hence cannot have multiple copies. If you are a connoisseur of traditional Indian art forms, you will be delighted to find the treasures here, neatly explained to help you make a sound purchase decision.

Question: Can there be a variation of what I saw on the website & what I get?
Answer:  We try our level best to get you what you see. However, these are handcrafted products made by individual artisans which can cause slight variations. The resolution on your screen can impact the color/shade dimension too. Variations only authenticate that the products are not machine made. Incase you are still not satisfied, please call us to discuss your product.

Question:  Where all do you ship?
Answer:  All products can be shipped in most parts of India. We use reputed courier and cargo partners like Gati & Aramex to handle the logistics. Where shipment is not possible by these partners we will use EMS and keep you informed. 

Question: What happens incase I am not there to receive the parcel?
Answer: If you are not around when the courier service provider attempts to deliver your package , card with information on it will be left for you by them. If no card is left by them, you will have to contact us and we will update you on the status. Any person accepting on your behalf will be treated as “Accepted” for purposes of our record. Unless you have already collected the product within 2 days from the courier company, a subsequent second attempt to deliver will be made within 2 days of the first delivery attempt.  After the failed second delivery attempt the product will be held with the courier service provider for 3 days giving you additional opportunity to collect it. After this period, the product will be sent back to us and we will resend you with additional delivery charges.

Question: When will I get my delivery?

Answer: The delivery time for each product has been mentioned in the respective product page. To ensure appropriate packaging for the products and effective logistic management, dispatch could be made in parts forming separate deliveries delivered on different dates. Your tracking under “My Account” will reveal the status and if the dates indicating shipment and likelihood of delivery have passed without you receiving the complete order, please contact us through an e-mail at [email protected]

Question: What is the final price that I will pay for the order?

Answer: The MRP listed is the final price. However some cities are octroiable cities like Nagpur , Sangli , Dombivili , Nasik , Mumbai , Pimpri & Chinchwardi , Kothrud (Pune) , Ahmednagar , Pune , Akola and hence any applicable octroi will be payable by the customer. Please pay Octroi to the courier company if requested by them in these cities.

Question:  Can I return an item if I don t like it, and if so how?
Answer:   Please check the section on “Return Policy”

Question:  Will I get any written confirmation for my order?
Answer:  Yes. You will certainly receive an email confirmation immediately once you make the payment.

Question: Is it safe to shop from your site?
Answer: We guarantee you a secure shopping experience on our Online Store. All information entered by you on these pages will be kept strictly in confidence and will not be sold for commercial gains. Our payment partners and shipping partners ensure a safe and comfortable shopping experience for you.

Questions: Are customisation & bulk orders possible?
Answer: Absolutely, we will be more than happy to customise. What we show here is just a tip of the iceberg, many variations are possible. Many products also have different sizes mentioned in the drop down menu.
Also most products can be made in bulk to help you with your gifting needs during functions like festivals, weddings, corporate events etc. We will give you a good discount for such orders. Write to us at [email protected] telling us what kind of customisation or bulk requirement you have and we will get back to you with details.