Bell Metal Singing Bowl: Dhyana Musical Instrument for Meditation, 4.5 Inches, Blue (12128)

Singing bowls are often used as a part of religious worship in Buddhist temples, and they may be resonated at home for meditation. The soothing vibrations produced by the tones are thought to promote healing. These are often used during reiki therapy, crystal healing, tai chi and yoga. This is a high quality singing bowl that produces ideal resonant tones whether for meditation, healing arts or for worship rituals. It can also be used as a simple decorative accent, at home or at your workplace.

Dhyana singing bowl
Dimensions (Bowl): 4.5*4.5*3 inches (L*W*H) | Weight: 600 grams approximately
Set Includes a bowl, a cushion, and a mallet (stick) for striking the bowl (cushion color & pattern may vary)
Easy to use by beginners or by trained practitioners
Perfect gift for Yoga lovers, meditation practitioners or for anyone keen on mystic decor