Matsya is the fish avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. Often described as the first of Vishnu's ten primary avatars, Matsya is described to have rescued the first man Manu from a great deluge. Matsya may be depicted as a giant fish, often golden in color, or anthropomorphically with the torso of Vishnu connected to the rear half of a fish. This puja aarti depicts sheshnag worshipping Vishnu in Matsya avatar.

Matsya Vishnu avatar arti diya lamp with Sheshnag snake
Dimensions: 2 * 5.5 * 2 inches (Height * Width * Depth) approximately
Material: pure solid brass metal
Rare oil lamp puja aarti from Hindu mythology of Matsya and Sheshnag
Puja aarti for home temple or decorative statue