Brass Bell Metal Vajra (Dorje or Thunderbolt) & Tribhu (Ghanta, HandBell, or Bell): Buddhist Tibetan Prayer Meditation Device (11995)

Tibetan handcrafted 7 metals bell and dorje set. Bell decorated with embossed Tibetan Buddhist Dorji (Vajra) and Victory banner. Bell is made of seven metals alloy of bronze. Can be used in all Tibetan Buddhist rituals, meditations, prayers, yoga etc

Set of vajra (dorje, thunderbolt) & tribhu (ghanta, handbell): Buddhist ritual or meditation device
Dimensions: Vajra (3.5*1*1 inches) | Tribhu (2.5*2.5*5 inches)
Material: bell metal alloy
Used during meditation to train the mind & enhance all round awareness
Yoga, prayer and rituals accessory for Tibetan Buddhist faithful