Brass Diya Deepak 'Malati': Festival Oil Lamp Deepam Decor Gift (12125)

Designer oil lamp diya inspired from a flower from ancient Indian literature - Malati (Aganosma dichotoma). Malati is a vine with very fragrant white jasmine-like flowers. This flower is often confused with jasmine. Ancient Hindu mythological stories are full of references to these flowers, as in the braids of women, or in overhanging bowers under which lovers meet. These are frequently used by women to adorn their hair. This beautiful diya is a great puja accessory and a can also be used as a decor piece for gifiting or for one's own use.

Glass crystal petal diya (oil lamp or deepak)
Dimensions: 4*4*3 inches (L*W*H) approximately
Material: brass and glass beads
Design inspired from Malati, a fragarant flower that looks like jasmine
Place in home temple for daily puja ritual or use for any celebratory decoration