Brass Idol 'Airaavat, The Divine Elephant': Rare Statue with Glittering Gemstones; Feng Shui Vastu Good Luck Charm (11451)

A gorgeous artistic elephant statue with a raised trunk casted in solid brass metal with colorful turquoise gemstones. According to the Buddhist tradition, the elephant is one of the sacred animals. It is often depicted with a lotus flower on its back to hold Buddha's wisdom. In Buddhism, the elephant is a symbol of mental strength. At the beginning of spiritual development the unrestrained mind is depicted as gray elephant that destroys everything on its way. The mind brought under control is represented by a white elephant that is capable of achieving any goal using its focused power. Therefore, the birth of a white elephant is thought to be a sign extraordinary luck. In Feng Shui, the Elephant symbolizes childbirth and children happiness.

Brass idol: Divine Elephant
Dimensions: 6*2*3.5 inches (L*W*H) | Weight : 850 gms
Made of pure solid brass metal & decorated meticulously with gemstones by master Indian craftsmen
Handmade ethnic, religious gift showpiece/idol for Hindu festive occasion
For placing in home temple, office table, or shop shelf/puja mandir