Brass Idol Dattatreya with Auspicious Cow: Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Shiva Tridev Trimurti Statue (11914)

The Trimurti is the trinity of supreme divinity in Hindusim in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified as a triad of deities, typically Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer/regenerator. When all three deities of the Trimurti incarnate into a single avatar, the avatar is known as Dattatreya.

Brass idol Dattareya, the holy Trinity
Dimensions: 3*1.5*1 inches (L*W*H) approximately
Material: pure solid brass metal
Handmade ethnic, religious gift showpiece/idol for Hindu festive occasion
For placing in home temple, office table, or shop shelf/puja mandir