The origin of Sri Panchamukhi Hanuman can be traced to a story in Ramayana. During the war between Lord Rama and Ravana, Ravana took help of Ahiravana, the king of Pathala. Lord Hanuman in order to protect Lord Rama and Lakshman formed a fortress with his tail. Ahiravana took the form of Vibhishana the noble brother of Ravana and took Lord Ram and Lakshman to Pathala-loka. Hanuman entered pathala loka in search of Rama and Lakshmana, He found that life of Ahiravana was hidden in the five lamps which were placed in different directions. He could be killed only by extinguishing all five lamps the same time. To accomplish this Hanuman had to take the form of Panchamukha Hanuman. This form of Hanuman has five faces. Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha are the four other faces along with Hanuman's face. Eventually, Hanuman blows air with all five faces in different directions to extinguish all the lamps, there by killing Ahiravana. In this unique interpretation, the fifth head is placed at the top while the other four heads are conjoined and face in different directions.

Brass statue of Lord Hanuman in Panchmukhi avatar - apart from his own, the other four heads depict Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha
Dimensions: 2.5*1.5*5 inches (L*W*H) approximately
Casted in pure solid brass metal
Rare collectible idol for worship and decoration
Unique gift for wedding, anniversary or housewarming