Avalokitesvara or Padmapani is a bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. This bodhisattva is variably depicted in different cultures as either female or male. In Tibet, he is known as Chenrezik, in Chinese Buddhism as female figure Guanyin, and in Japan as Kanzeon or Kannon.

One of the most important Buddhist myths tells of Lokesvara vowing never to rest until he has helped and freed all the sentient beings in the world from samsara. Despited all of his efforts, he realized that many unhappy beings were yet to saved. With the failure to help the needs of so many people, his heald split into eleven pieces. Amitabha Buddha, after seeing his difficult situation, gives Lokeswor eleven heads in order to hear all the cries of the suffering and pain from the sentient beings of the world. After gearubg all the cries of pain, Lokeshwora attempts to reach out to help all those who needed help but eventually failed as his two arms shattered into pieces. Again, Amitabha comes to his aid and provides him with a thousand arms with which to help the biengs to get rid of their suffering.

Brass statue: Sahasrabhuja Avalokiteshvara, with 11 heads and 1000 arms
Dimensions: inches (L*W*H) | Weight : gms approx
Material: Pure solid brass metal
Antique finish with unique gold-copper color combination
Accent showpiece for home, office, or library