Brass Idol Supreme Tantric Goddess Kali (Mahakali Ma Kalika Shyama): Rare Collectible 10 Heads 10 Arms Statue (12157)

Kali is the chief of the Mahavidyas, a group of ten Tantric goddesses. Kali's earliest appearance is that of a destroyer of evil forces. She is the most powerful form of Shakti, and the goddess of one of the four subcategories of the Kulamarga, a category of Tantric Saivism. She destroys the evil in order to protect the innocent. She is also seen as the divine protector and the one who bestows moksha, or liberation. Kali is often portrayed standing or dancing on her consort, the Hindu god Shiva, who lies calm and prostrate beneath her. Kali is worshipped by Hindus throughout India and Nepal.

Statue of Ma Kali Mahakali
Dimensions: 3*2*6 inches (L*W*H) | Weight 1.1 kgs approximately
Material: pure solid brass metal
Rare collectible idol for worship and decoration
For placing in home temple, office table, shop shelf or in puja mandir