Brass Singhasan Throne Chowki: Sheshnag Serpent Design God's Seating Aasan (12167)

Sheshnag design grand singhasan throne in pure solid brass metal. Sheshnag is the 5 headed snake that is depicted with a huge form that floats coiled in space, or on the universal ocean, to form the bed of Lord Vishnu Narayan (protector of universe according to Hindu mythology). Unique, collectible platform for idols in home temple or just as a decorative accent.

Grand singhasan throne for placing God statues
Dimensions: 5*2.5*10 inches (W*D*H) approximately
Casted in pure brass metal and then hand-carved by master artisans
Intricately carved Sheshnag serpent forms the backdrop of this grand aasan
Comes as 2 separable pieces, with easy assembly