Brass Statue Devi Annapoorna: Hindu Goddess of Food & Nourishment (11583)

Annapurna or Annapoorna is the goddess of food and nourishment in Hinduism. Worship and offering of food is highly praised in Hinduism and therefore, the goddess Annapurna is regarded as a popular deity. She is an avatar (form) of Parvati, the wife of Shiva.

Brass idol: Annapoorna Devi, an avatar of Parvati
Dimensions: 1.5*1.5*2.5 incheses (L*W*H)| Weight: 125 grams approximatelys approximately
Made of pure solid brass metal by folk artisans with superfine carving
For placing in home temple, office table, or shop shelf/puja mandir
Unique gift for wedding, anniversary or housewarming