Tingsha bells handmade in brass by craftsmen trained in the art. Rich sound that resonates for long. Can be used as a focal point of meditation, or they can be used to simply mark the starting and ending points of meditation. Often used in a house cleansing ceremony, where they are carried in hand from place to place around the house, then stuck so that the energy released by the Tingsha bells will help to purify the room. Made of pure solid brass with buddhist engravings, these handheld cymbals makes soothing sound & helps in meditating, prayers etc.

Beautiful spiritual Buddhist Tingsha bell - Handheld chimes used in meditation prayer vipasana
Dimensions: 2.5 * 2.5 * 1 inch (Length * Width * Height) approximate size of each half bell
Material: Pure solid brass metal
Makes soothing sounds for healing
Ideal for Buddhist religious gifting