This is a uniquely designed wall hanging made of brass. Ganeshas trunk turns to the left in one hanging & to the right in another. Each direction has its significance in the Hindu mythology. Left sided Ganesha statue are believed to be representing Ida Nadi which is more cooling side or you can relate it to the moon. It is more feminine, cooling, nourishing and relaxing energy. Right sided Ganesha statue is believed to be representing your Pingala Nadi which is related with sun energy. It is masculine and has fiery nature but can give quick results or siddhis. The showpiece has been meticulously carved, with an eye to minute details, like the Ganesha's decorative head and crown. Ideal to hang on both sides of the door or at the entrance.

  • Rare set of 2 Ganesha wall hanging statues with opposing trunks
  • Each side trunk turning in the Ganesha has a significance in Hindusim
  • Product Dimension : 4*5 inches (L*H)| Weight : 1000 Gram
  • Ideal to put on both sides at the entrance/ door
  • Rare Indian gift item