Hammered Bell Metal Singing Bowl: Tibetan Buddhist Musical Instrument for Meditation Prayers (10686)

Singing bowls have a number of traditional uses throughout India and Nepal. Their tones are often used as a part of religious worship in Buddhist temples, and they may be rung at home to prepare the mind for meditation. The soothing vibrations produced by the tones are also thought by some to promote healing and improve mental well-being, and today, singing bowls are often used during reiki therapy, crystal healing, tai chi and yoga. This singing bowl with high resonance and superior sound is highly suitable for healing arts and for any other purpose.

Tibetan singing bowl with clear, pleasing tones
Dimensions (Bowl): 4*4*2 inches (L*W*H)
Can be used during meditation, prayers
Made of brass with hammering on inside & outside for better sound effects
Comes with a stick for playing