The harmonising massage bowl has smoothly polished surfaces inside and outside. The massage bowl looks like a small singing bowl and fits into one hand. The Tibetan singing bowls are wonderful instruments made of an alloy of metals that have been used for sound healing and sound therapy for centuries. The special thing about these bowls is that they produce a rich variety of harmonics and vibrations that have the capacity to stimulate us on a physical (relaxes the muscles, increases bowel movement, etc.), energetic (increases our vital energy, harmonizes our personal resonance, etc.) and mental level ( induces us to a meditative state, opens emotional blocks, etc.). The Tibetan singing bowls can be used for sound healing or therapy, in which the bowls are played using different techniques in order to achieve the desired results of the treatment. They can also be combined with massage, and in this case they are usually played in the beginning, end and/or in the middle of the session. Singing bowls with massage is a wonderful combination because it allows the therapist to work on the physical level with the massage, and to stimulate the energy level and mind through promoting the free flow of energy

Dimensions: 3*3*1 inches (L*W*H) approximately
Material: bronze (an alloy of copper & zinc)
Easy to hold in one's palm for easy rubbing on sole, foot, body
Brush the bowl outside with oil, butter & stroke the skin to invigorate the nerves