Journal of handmade paper with leather cover with chipped edges and embossing of an elephant's head. The diary contains 144 pages (counting each side)

Any paper with a feathered edge is described as having a deckle edge, in contrast to a cut edge.

Before the 19th century, the deckle edge was unavoidable, a natural artifact of the paper-making process in which sheets of paper were made individually on a deckle. The deckle could not make a perfect seal against the screen at the edges and the paper slurry would seep under, creating a rough edge to the paper. 

With the appearance of smooth edges in the 19th century, the deckle edge slowly emerged as a status symbol. Many modern readers are unfamiliar with the deckle edge and may see it as a defect, but it's actually a deliberate design.

  • Unique worn out vintage leather journal in antique design (deckle edge on the cover is not a flaw, but a deliberate design to magnify vintage appeal)
  • Dimensions: 7*5 inches; Printed front and back side; Comes with 144 pages (counting each side) of unruled naturally treated paper
  • Handmade paper with real fire-burnt edges; Brings out the creative side of your personality
  • Handcrafted out of the finest quality of leather and paper
  • Highly durable & functional, this classy journal can be used for writing, noting, jotting, sketching, doodling or recording personal as well as professional activities