Metal Conch Shankha on Tortpise Plate: Rare Collection Lakshmi-Vishnu Idol (11540)

A Shankha is a conch shell of ritual and religious importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hindu mythology, the shankha is a sacred emblem of the Hindu preserver god Vishnu. It is still used as a trumpet in Hindu ritual, and in the past was used as a war trumpet. The shankha is praised in Hindu scriptures as a giver of fame, longevity and prosperity, the cleanser of sin and the abode of Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and consort of Vishnu. The shankha is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism, the Ashtamangala, and represents the pervasive sound of Buddhism. The detailed carving on the shankh captures the essense of the Indian Hindu mythology. Placed on the back of the auspicious Tortoise it is believed to bring luck, fame and prosperity. An truly unique collector's piece.

Decorative shankh with intricate carving
Dimensions : 8*6*4 inches (L*W*H)
Casted in alloys of aluminium and tin; Not designed for blowing
Ethnic, religious gift showpiece/idol especially for any Hindu occassion
Rare collectible gift