A fierce goddess, Durga, appears in many forms through Hindu mythology. As Mahishasur Mardini, she conquers bull shaped demon when all other powers fail to do so. This depiction also reflcts a very popular deity form Indian state of Gujrat: Vihat Mata or Vihot Ma, who is often depicted riding a water buffale. As per some myths, she descends from Durga. This unique resin idol in gold finish is made by folk craftsmen of India.

Artistic idol depicting Mahishasuramardini Durga in a grand setting with many other gods and goddesses in attendance
Dimensions: 7 * 8 * 0.5 inches (Length * Width * Thickness) approximately
Material: alloy metal, with golden polish
Handmade ethnic, religious gift showpiece idol for Hindu festive occasion
For placing in home temple, office table, shop shelf or in puja mandir