Set of 10 seed pencils that can be planted anytime before the pencil is used up completely- The stem of the pencil contains seeds that can grow up to be plants in your own nursery. Just sow it in any pot - nurture regularly to see these seeds turning into plants.

Plantable seed pencil - set of 10
Dimensions (each pencil): 7.5 * 0.2 * 0.2 inches (Length * Width * Thickness) approximately
Material: recycled paper containing plant seeds, 2B lead extra dark
Use the pencil till a stub is left. Plant it straight in soil. The capsule at the end of the pencil that holds the seeds is made from non-toxic biodegradeable material that dissolves once put into soil. The sprouting may take 1-2 weeks depending on the variety of seed & the environment it is grown in. Seeds can be of flower, herbs and vegetable. It is written on the pencil
An ecofriendly product that teaches being environment conscious to the kids. Give Back to Earth