Rare Miniature Brass Idol Phurba Dorje Nail of Vajra Buddha: Collectible Statue With Detailed Very Fine Workmanship (12698P)
Dorje Phurba, which means 'thunderbolt nail', obliterates the minions of aggression by plunging the self-existent dagger of non-duality into the heart of hatred wherever it hides and whomever hides it within themselves. Miniature idols may have minor polishing or casting blemishes that can't be avoided at this size.
Miniature statue: Phurba Dorje or Vajra - a nail that is a three-sided peg rooted in Buddhism as a prayer accessory
Dimensions: 2.2 * 0.5 * 0.5 inches (Length * Width * Height) approximately
Material: pure brass solid metal in golden finish
Perfect size for placing on car dashboard
Part of Purpledip Miniature Collection- collect as many as you can to build your own set.