Red Jasper Ball Pendulum: Reiki Healing Dowsing Divination Crystal Stones Pendant (11683)
Jasper is the supreme nurturer. It cleanses and aligns the chakras and aligns the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the spiritual. Do bear that Reiki and crystal healing is believed to balance energy for the purpose of holistic well being. These treatments should not be treated as a substitute for medical or psychological care.
Red Jasper gemstones healing crystal reiki dowsing pendulum bracelet divination - use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or rituals
Dimensions (penduum): 2*0.5*0.5 inches (L*W*T) approximately | Chain length: 7 inches
Material: Natural gemstone and alloys
Unique gift for spiritual well-being faithful - Jasper gemstones are believed to promote health & happiness as per Reiki practicioners
Not to be used as substitute for established medical treatments. Image for reference - minor variation to be expected in case of natural stones