Sacred Spell Lemongrass Oil: obtained by steam distillation extraction method using the fresh leaves of lemongrass shrub.::Calming and fresh lemony aroma of lemongrass oil helps uplift mood when used in aromatherapy or with aroma diffuser::Lemongrass oil also makes the perfect option for homemade insect repellent to ward-off mosquitoes, flies and other irritating bugs. Just add few drops of lemongrass oil in a misting bottle filled with water to spray within the interiors.::Can also be used for flavoring tea and soups::Directions for use: Essential Oils should be diluted with carrier oils & not applied directly on skin or hair. Though not toxic, some users witness irritation, dermatitis or sensitization in the skin when used in high concentrations. Not meant for small children or people with medical conditions. Not to be used as substitute for established medical treatment Lemongrass essential oil is extracted from partially dried leaves by a process of steam distillation. The oil is yellow to amber in color and has a very fresh, citrus-like aroma that smells like a very sweet fresh grass. Lemongrass oil is native to tropical and subtropical regions like India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China and Cambodia, and due to popularity eventually made its way to the Americas. It is derived through the process of steam distillation of partially dried lemongrass leaves. Historically, lemongrass essential oil has long been known to aid inflammation, indigestion and fevers. A drop of lemongrass oil in a sugar cube was given to patients to cure digestive complaints such as gastric irritability, and was applied topically to treat ringworm, kill skin fungus and ease joint pain. Over time, the oil has also been proven to help with many other ailments. It has become a common ingredient in first aid kits as it has anti-microbial properties along with being anti-inflammatory and a powerful analgesic. Though essential oils are believed to have therapeutic effects, these should not be used as substitues for proven medical treatments and professional advice needs to be taken for any such use.