Sacred Spell Orange Oil is 100% natural & organic - cold pressed from the peels of Orange fruit.::Extracted from sweet oranges as against bitter ones for a delightful experience::It's sweet sharp citrus smell can lift mood & release stress. Sniffing it during allergen prone seaons can control those reactions.::Believed to have many benefits for relieving fatigue, managing edema, treating arthritis, reducing stress, & improving dental hygiene::Directions for use: Essential Oils should be diluted with carrier oils & not applied directly on skin or hair. Though not toxic, some users witness irritation, dermatitis or sensitization in the skin when used in high concentrations. Not meant for small children or people with medical conditions. Not to be used as substitute for established medical treatment. Orange essential oil, cold-pressed from the rinds of oranges, has a juicy aroma reminiscent of the fresh fruit. It offers a sweet, peaceful aroma that fills any space with a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity. It can be part of anyone's morning routine either diffused or applied topically. Like other citrus oils, orange can cause photosensitivity, so should be avoided on exposed skin before going out in the sun. Orange is delightful on its own, or can be combined with other complementary oils such as Lemon, Cinnamon, or Patchouli. Sacred Spell Orange Oil is purportedly useful in relieving fatigue, managing edema, treating arthritis, reducing stress, and improving dental hygiene. Though essential oils are believed to have therapeutic effects, these should not be used as substitues for proven medical treatments and professional advice needs to be taken for any such use.