htmlSacred Spell Peppermint Oil (15 Ml): 100% Natural - Great For Skin & Muscles Or In Aroma Diffusers For Freshness
Sacred Spell Peppermint Oil (15 Ml): 100% Natural - Great For Skin & Muscles Or In Aroma Diffusers For Freshness
Main chemical constituents of Peppermint essential oil are Menthol, Menthone, and 1,8-Cineole, Menthyl acetate and Isovalerate, Pinene, Limonene and other constituents. Most active of these components are Menthol and Menthone. Used cosmetically or topically, it acts as an astringent that closes pores and tightens the skin. It's cooling and warming sensations make it an effective anesthetic that leaves the skin numb to pain and calms redness and inflammation. Traditionally used as a cooling chest rub to relieve congestion, and when diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut, it can promote the safe and healthy renewal of skin, thus offering relief from skin irritations such as sunburn. In shampoos, it can stimulate the scalp while also removing dandruff. Sacred Spell Peppermint Essential Oil is 100% pure, natural and undiluted - extracted from leaves of peppermint plant, it's a must have in any household :: Suitable for many topical uses, it is one of the most versatile essential oil in the world :: Sharp, fresh, menthol-like aroma makes it perfect for aroma diffusers & humidifiers. Helps keep home smelling fresh & lively through the day.::Believed by people to reduce stomach aches, soothe digestive issues, relieve headaches, clear respiratory tract, improve focus, relax muscles etc :: Directions for use: Essential Oils should be diluted with carrier oils & not applied directly on skin or hair. Though not toxic, some users witness irritation, dermatitis or sensitization in the skin when used in high concentrations. Not meant for small children or people with medical conditions. Not to be used as substitute for established medical treatmentThough essential oils are believed to have therapeutic effects, these should not be used as substitues for proven medical treatments and professional advice needs to be taken for any such use.