Tree of life pendant for necklace chains - Handmade Chakra Healing Gemstone. The authentic gemstones are vibrant and bright and the pendant can be paired with any necklace to match with formal or casual wear at any time. The outer ring is Tree Of Life, shaped from a wire and the tree is filled with 7 Chakra healing gemstones. ?Each stone is wired together by hand. Color and size of stones vary across pieces and each pendant is unique.

Tree Of Life pendant made with high quality real natural 7 gemstones
Pendant Diameter: 1.5 inches; perfect size for a necklace
Gemstones: Mix of Quartz Crystal(crown chakra), pink crystal (sacral chakra), Amethyst (third-eye chakra), Green Aventurine(heart chakra), Blue-veins Stone(throat chakra), Red Agate(root chakra), Redstone(navel chakra) and others. Exact composition of stones varies in each piece.
Color: Rainbow | Pendant Shape:Round
Chakra gemstones are believed to promote health & happiness as per Reiki practicioners