Wooden Solitaire Game Board With Resin Marbles: Unique Gift For Kids Or Adults (11282)
A wooden game board gift set entirely hand crafted by craftsmen. Fabricated from mangowood, the game board has a recessed middle that helps to keep marbles in place. A trough around the outer edge of the board provides a place for storing marbles during game play. In the middle, recessed holders are provided for ease of setup. The board measures 9 inches in diameter, providing plenty of space for shooting and rolling. With its smooth finish, the game board is free of rough, sharp edges for safe enjoyment hour after hour. Makes for a wonderful decoration for your own home and provide hours of enjoyment for you and your famil. Use it as a gift to children, teenagers and adults
Classic game set with game board and 33 balls
Made of mangowood
Dimensions: Board diameter 9 inches
Travel accessory for picnics, holidays, or corporate getaway
Unique gift for all ages