A unique design oil lamp diya inspired from one of the most universal flowers - Gulab (Rose). The rose flower is loved by God Vishnu. In Hindu mythology, once Brahma and Vishnu debated about the most beautiful flower. While Brahma favored lotus flower, Vishnu named the rose. When they could not mutually agree, Vishnu took Brahma to his celestial garden and showed him a rose shrub laden with blooming roses. A fascinated Brahma finally concurred with Vishnu. Rose flower is commonly offered to Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu. Krishna raised the emotion of love close to devotion, so this flower is also regarded as a symbol of love. The rosebuds, fully bloomed flowers and rose petals, are also offered to gods. This unique design diya can be a great puja accessory or a decor piece for gifiting.

Blooming rose design diya (oil lamp or deepak)
Dimensions: 3*3*1 inches (L*W*H) approximately
Material: pure solid brass metal
Design inspired from Gulab (Rose), a flower loved by God Vishnu
Place in home temple for daily puja ritual or use for any celebratory decoration