Made of solid pure brass metal & crafted by master artisans, this is a beautiful bell for hanging in the temple. Navagraha means 'nine celestial bodies' in Sanskrit and are nine astronomical bodies as well as deities in Hinduism and Hindu astrology.These are the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Solar Eclipse, & Lunar Eclipse. Rare decorative bell - use in a temple or as a decorative collectible in hallway, balcony or porch at home or work.

Collectible bell with intricate carving depicting the nine celestial bodies in Hindu Vedic astrology, Navagraha
Dimensions (Bell): 5*5*6 inches (L*W*H) approximately | Chain hang: 24 Inches
Material: Pure solid brass metal
The term is derived from nava (Sanskrit: nine) and graha (Sanskrit: planet). The Navagraha are: Surya (Ravi), the Sun; Chandra (Soma), the Moon; Mangala (Mangal), Mars; Budha (Budh), Mercury; Dev Guru (Brihaspati), Jupiter; Shukra, Venus; Shani, Saturn; Rahu, Solar Eclipse; &, Ketu, Lunar Eclipse
Vintage collectible sculpture gift