Metal Statue Flying Horse Pegasus : Gold Finish Wall Hanging for Doors, Entrance, Temple, Walls (12182)

Pegasus is a mythical winged divine horse, and one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology. Usually depicted as pure white, Pegasus is the offspring of the Olympian god Poseidon. Afterwards, Zeus transformed Pegasus into the eponymous constellation. Besides his ability to fly, which literally set him above all other horses, Pegasus had an arsenal of supernatural powers. He had free passage from the mortal realm to the immortal realm. Wherever his hoof struck the Earth, he created beautiful springs with water that could inspire artists. Wild & beautiful Pegasus represents freedom & power.

Wall hanging flying horse Pegasus
Dimensions: 8.5*7 inches (Width * Height)
Beautiful depiction of power & freedom
Made of white metal & golden polished
Wall decoration showpiece