Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid with Crystal Quartz Energy Rod: Good Luck Healing Charm, Divine Spiritual Crystal Stone  (11510)

Jasper is the supreme nurturer. It cleanses and aligns the chakras and aligns the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with the spiritual. Do bear that Reiki and crystal healing is believed to balance energy for the purpose of holistic well being. These treatments should not be treated as a substitute for medical or psychological care.

Spiritual healing device: 100% authentic natural stones Jasper orgone pyramid
Dimensions: 2.5*2.5*2.5 inches approximately
Orgone pyramid to draw off negative energies and blockages from the chakras, in turn replenishing positive energy. Powerful spiritual tool that transform Universal Life Form Energy (Chi) into a very powerful positive energy to benefit physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy
Due to the nature of gemstones, each piece is unique and carvings may slightly vary in size, color, and shape.
Not to be used as substitute for established medical treatments. Image for reference - minor variation to be expected in case of natural stones