Kamdhenu or 'wish -cow', also known as surabhi is a miraclous cow of plenty. She is a miraculous ''cow of planty'' who provides her owner whatever he wishes or desires. This kamdhenu is hand crafted by artisans in jodhpur. It is made of resins and hand-panted with gold and other naturally occurring colors. These pieces are handcrafted and hand painted by different artists. Therefore each piece will be different and unique. Any imperfections and blemishes are part of this process and are intended to give each piece its individual and unique character.

  • Material: Resins •Color: Multicolor •Finish: Paint
  • Package Contents: 1 Cow and 1 Calf
  • Cow Size -8*4*6.5 inch
  • Product Weight-1500 Gr
  • For mandir & table decor