Collectible painting created by highly specialised miniature artists from Rajasthan in India. Each piece painstakingly created with minute strokes of paint over a vintage finish paper. Each base paper may vary slightly. Unframed Painting that can be put on any wall as is, with or without framing. At the simplest, it can be glued or mounted on a plain chart paper before putting it up. Makes for a memorable and classy gift. As each painting is handmade by an artist, minor variations in colors and patterns to be expected in each piece. The design of the cloth on elephant's back may vary in the types and sequence of animals as well as their orientation .
Super fine miniature art unframed painting on vintage finish paper - frame it for hanging on wall, stick it on as is or simply mount it on a thick paper board for easy use
Dimensions: Painting - 13 * 8 inches (Length * Width) approximately
Material: paper | Paper has been treated for special antique finish - each paper may vary slightly in color
Natural colors painted on paper with very fine brushes to bring out minute intricacies. Hand-painted artwork and hence each piece is unique; variations in colors, patterns and orientation to be expected.
Collectible art souvenir - memorable gift for housewarming, wedding, or anniversary