Kamdhenu cow signifies love & prosperity and is considered highly auspicious for countering the vaastu doshas (architectural faults) & enhancing the overall good luck.It is believed that each part of the kamdhenu cow embodies a particular deity. It is also believed that as Kalpa-vriksha, (heavenly tree) Kamadhenu, in the same way, fulfills the desires of those who approach it with devotion. Set of 2 opposing design wall hanging for home or temple. Each piece is made out of MDF wood with high quality digital print.
Kamdhenu cow wall or door hanging: set of 2 with opposing designs
Dimensions (each piece): 4 * 3.5 inches (Length * Width) approximately
Material: mdf wood with digitally print
Can be mounted on the sides of any entrance or just used as a decorative wall hanging
Great return gift for religious ocassions